Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thai-m for a change....

I love Thai food. The hubs and I have a couple of Thai restaurants that we frequent but after dropping anywhere from $25 to $40 every time we go I got the idea that I could cook this stuff myself.

We found a great little Oriental store across the river...dirt cheap prices and aisles FILLED to the rim with various Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese offerings. Tofu is half the cost of the grocery store. Noodles are made from rice or wheat or whatever - NO ENRICHED anything. YAY! Our first trip there I purchased an entire bag full of goodies for less than $10.00. Jackpot!

One of my favorite Thai dishes is Mussaman Curry. I also love yellow curry (which I think tastes similar to Mussaman but what do I know). At the LOS (little Oriental store) I bought both the Mussaman and yellow curry powder/pastes. I followed the recipe, kind of, according to the directions - palm sugar (check), coconut milk (check). I did not use fish oil because I don't eat fish but I didn't think it would make that much of a difference since I ask my Thai restaurants to omit it. For whatever reason my version SUCKS. The yellow curry was SUPER HOT and SPICY but it was very bland and boring. There were no variations in flavor - it was all flatline HOT. I made it again last night and added some extra spices to both my curry and my tofu. I threw in some peanuts for additional taste and texture. Yep, still sucks. I have all this curry and now I'm all curried out. I got curried away I guess. Any ideas to make this tasty treat a tasty treat? I'm open to suggestions.

On a brighter note, tonight is the hub's turn to cook. He volunteered. I was pretty excited but then he mentioned an oven entree and I knew I was in for frozen pizza. Not quite what I had in mind especially since I'm trying to get in FIGHTING shape for this upcoming Mexico trip. I dropped a subtle hint (something like, "You are NOT making pizza for dinner") and I think he got it. He's heading to the store to get actual ingredients to cook. Much better - maybe some nice whole grain pasta with fire roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and cashews.

Speaking of fighting shape, my work-outs are going great. Sunday night I did an hour long Jackie Warner video. Monday morning I did the same video. Here it is Tuesday and I can't walk. Ah, the joy of exercise. I will push through the pain and do some type of aerobic/strength training tonight. Summer time is coming and shorts are calling my name. I'm determined to look good this summer! I can DO IT!

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