Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One

Well, I've been reading all these blogs and contemplating....what do I say? What do I call it? I have SO much to say! So many ideas.

So, here goes. Grace is not my name. It's my great, great (great?) grandmother's name and she wanted a grandchild to be named after her. The catch? Her middle name was Petranella. Yep, Petranella. Needless to say, my parents opted to name me something other than Grace Petranella but equally horrific. ... Johnna. Apparently they wanted a boy and only came up with John Michael as the moniker for this boy. Voila - they got a girl and here I am, Johnna Michele. My parents? Not terribly creative, God love 'em. Nevertheless, good old granny Grace got her wish, in a sense, because where ever I go, if I'm asked for a name, it's always Grace....nothing to spell, nothing to pronounce. Just Grace.

I love to read. I love to cook. I love to travel and take pictures and dream. I love working out and running and biking. My goal for this blog is to take you along on my journey whether it be through the pages of a book, a trip to someplace far away, a bike ride to the grocery store or my attempt to start a garden this year.

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