Friday, March 26, 2010

Crash Into Reality

I had quite the scare yesterday. My ex-husband called to tell me that our son was in a car accident. Actually, to quote him scaring the hell out of me at work, he said: "You better buy a lottery ticket because YOUR son just got in a rollover accident and walked away." First, I love how he is MY son because he got in a car accident! But foremost - OH MY GOD. Can you say scare the freaking crap out of me? I didn't stop shaking til this morning. I cried and cried thinking of the WHAT IFs. Thankfully he is fine, the boy who was driving is fine, the truck isn't totalled and my son (who gets his license in 3 months) said "Mom, I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt." But what a slap of reality to realize that your kids are growing up and these things can and do happen. I have too many friends who have lost children to accidents. I have always said that we have been SO lucky that none of our kids have had any major accidents, sicknesses, diseases, anything! They've been so lucky - WE'VE been so lucky. This was a wake-up call. When my boys fight and beat on each other and name call, I want to rip my hair out and KILL them both....I think from now on I'm just going to enjoy the noise instead. The alternative is not an option I want to think about.

Have a great weekend everyone and hug your loved ones!

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