Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday!

Well, Friday has arrived, thank goodness. We've been spoiled by beautiful weather this entire week and it's still sunny today. That is all about to change because SNOW is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. SNOW? Seriously? Mother Nature can be a real pain in the A$$. Teasing us with 50 and 60 degree temps this week and then dropping 3 inches of wet snow during the weekend. Guess I'll stay indoors.

My boss has been out of town the past three weeks. She went to Europe with her hubby. It's been boring around work with nothing to do...but it's also been fun! Surfing the internet all day long and getting paid for it. That will come to a crashing halt come Monday morning.

I found a blog where a girl in South Carolina is attempting to eat for one year on a $1 per day budget. She's a vegan and is making some interesting concoctions. Check out her blog at It has inspired me to really watch what I purchase, look for sales, shop at our local Farmer's Market and Aldi's and stop going out to eat so much.

I was so excited to tell my husband last night that I was writing a blog! I told him I finally did it and came up with a name! He was like "what?" So, I guess I hadn't talked about this before with him. I thought I had! When he asked me the name of my blog and I told him, he got a curious look on his, what the hell are you going to be sharing on this blog? I had to explain that it would include BOOKS that I read, not our intimate moments at home! The light dawned on him but he still didn't seem quite as excited as I was. That was the end of our discussion about my blog. Maybe I'll try again later....

On a final note, I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I read her other book, Comfort Food, last year and really enjoyed it. I'll keep you posted on my progress and hopefully post a review when I am done!

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